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USA Through Music: Los Angeles, California with Sebu Simonian
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Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities on his Californian paradise.

Syrian born Sebu Simonian from the indie pop duo band Capital Cities moved to California when he was six years old. Sebu felt welcomed by Los Angeles’ Armenian community and friendly spirit- and California has been his paradise, passion and inspiration ever since.

After leaving the Middle East behind, Simonian found paradise on the sun-drenched California coast. It was the green organic vegetation, the blue skies and sandy beaches that welcomed Simonian and offered him a new place to call home. Los Angeles’ peace and comfort was a gift that had inspired Simonian’s songwriting, and as a keen musician from an early age, Simonian met his bandmate Ryan Merchant and formed the number 1 hit band Capital Cities.

Los Angeles’s party scene is mirrored in the lyrics of Capital Cities’ hit song, Swimming Pool Summer, a chorus that celebrates the glamorous Hollywood culture and the heat of the Californian sun. Simonian believes it’s all about tuning out, enjoying yourself and immersing yourself in the music. Capital Cities represent everything that is fun about L.A- where the sun shines bright, the waves crash high and the party never stops.

From around the dancing flames of bonfires on the Californian beaches to the bright lights of bars on the Sunset Strip, Capital Cities have been playing music all over the west coast. Simonian recalls performing at the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip as a surreal experience, along with the Troubadour and the Roxy.

Wherever you go in California, it’s just endless miles of hang-out, surf, coffee shops, farmers markets and great organic food. Still, Sebu’s number one tip for visiting California? Watching the sun kiss the ocean on Santa Monica beach. It’s a magical experience.

A sailboat cruises along the California coast.

A sailboat cruises along the California coast.
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