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New Hampshire Alice Chiang
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    New Hampshire

Alice Chiang is an architect.

Having lived in numerous cities, including Rome and Shanghai, she has experienced environments and spaces all over the world that have nurtured her passion for urban design and architecture. She is inspired and excited by the social impact that architecture creates among people and communities.

Chiang's Secret Escape

But even passions can get tiresome. Chiang has a secret escape that lies in the wild playground of New Hampshire. Her reason? Opportunities. For Chiang, that’s what climbing is about. She says she believes there are very few times in life when you get the opportunity to experience such fear and uncertainty.

Chiang splits her time between working at a leading architecture firm in Boston, Massachusetts, and climbing in the neighboring state of New Hampshire. She climbs almost every weekend in the White Mountain National Forest. Chiang loves that she can jump easily between the city and mountains, and believes that both environments inform and inspire her work and life.

Initially, she found rock climbing terrifying. But after a few trips with the right gear and the right partners, she has learned how to embrace that fear, to control it, accept it and work with it. Now all she sees when she faces a tough climb are options.

See New Hampshire Through the Eyes of Architect and Rock Climber Alice Chiang

See New Hampshire Through the Eyes of Architect and Rock Climber Alice Chiang
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