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Kokomo Gallery
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    South Dakota

This sculpture gallery is home to magnificent beasts made of scrap metal and found objects.

An unusual metal menagerie fills this sculpture gallery. The artfully crafted animals that reside within the space are a hodgepodge of recycled metal and found figurines.

The Kokomo Gallery is the home of the unique sculptures of artist John Lopez. The artist collects the materials for his sculptures from local farmers and ranchers in the Lemmon, South Dakota, area.

Most of the artwork is made from a blend of scrap metal, found objects, and little bronze figurines welded together to take the shape of an animal. Taking a close look at the metal beasts reveals an unlikely medley of everyday objects fused together.

While at the gallery, you can find a quirky blend of Old West scenes and artwork inspired by other eras and places. Of particular interest are the sculpture of an octopus made from an old motorcycle gas tank and a steampunk owl made from saw blades.

Know Before You Go

The Kokomo gallery is on Main Street just a couple blocks down from the world's largest petrified wood park, which you can also find on Atlas Obscura.

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