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Savannah has sites to see, places to go and a social scene that can be both quirky and classy. With more than 45 cultural attractions, Savannah draws visitors craving history and tradition. Take a tour through a pre-Civil War mansion at the Mercer-Williams House, or visit the birthplace of the Girl Scouts of America at the Juliette Gordon Low House. Test your bravery on a haunted ghost tour through Savannah, which has been called “America’s most haunted city,” or take a movie tour to learn about feature films produced here. Museums in Savannah contain pieces that are sure to take your breath away, while statues stand prominently throughout the city to commemorate its history.

Whether you choose to travel by trolley, horse-drawn carriage, bicycle or even Segway, getting around Savannah is half the fun. It’s one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the country, so many visitors prefer to explore Savannah on foot, taking the time to enjoy the 22 scenic squares decorated with monuments, fountains, azaleas and massive oaks draped in Spanish moss.

With more than 100 restaurants in the heart of the Historic District, Savannah has become just as famous for its dining as for its historic sites. This city dishes up the flavors and stylings of numerous celebrated chefs. Visitors can’t go far without smelling the savory aroma of this city’s popular “Coastal Cuisine,” or being tempted to stop for a to-go cup of their favorite beverage. In Savannah, there’s a plate for every palate that will linger long after you bid the city farewell.

Savannah’s calendar is filled year-round with festivals, shows and exhibits. Visitors from all over the country head to Savannah every spring for beloved events, including the Savannah Stopover Music Festival, one of the nation’s biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and the world-class Savannah Music Festival. During the summer, activities are easy to find on Tybee Island, Savannah’s backyard beach. Festival season picks back up in the fall with the Savannah Film Festival, the Savannah Food and Wine Festival and many others.

With a hint of her coy smile, Savannah blends the best of old and new. Let the city charm you with her elegance and eccentricities on your next getaway.


Fun Fact

The Pirate's House restaurant in historic Savannah
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The Pirate's House restaurant opened in 1753 a block away from the Savannah River and still serves meals today.

Aerial view of Asheville, North Carolina
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