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Home to members of the Navajo Nation for nearly 5,000 years, Canyon de Chelly National Monument in northeast Arizona offers a one-of-a-kind look into the history of these tribes. Navajo people continue to live, work and raise their families in the rugged canyons surrounding the monument.

Before you head into the park, stop in at the visitor center and pick up a map of the archaeological sites and learn about their significance. Then, devote a good portion of your time to visiting the canyon’s impeccable cliff dwellings, carved by Ancient Puebloans thousands of years ago. Guided tours of the park are offered by U.S. Park Rangers and by private tour companies. In addition to exploring the ancient ruins, you can hike, bike or drive to the monument’s 10 overlooks, which offer expansive views of the surrounding canyons, gorges and valleys.

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