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A small island only 30 miles long and nine miles wide, the U.S. territory of Guam is known for its impeccable beaches and deep-sea diving. The island, part of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean, bears the influence of several cultures. A Spanish colony until 1898, Guam blends that heritage with its native Chamorro customs, as well as Asian and American cultures. You can visit military sites or explore caves and waterfalls that rival the island’s prettiest beaches. Because of its location near the International Date Line, Guam’s slogan is: ‘Where America’s Day Begins’. Wouldn’t you like to wake up here?

Guam Highlights

You'll know you're here when...

You hear people speaking Chamorro, the official indigenous language other than English.

Don't leave without tasting...

Red rice, coloured by achiote seeds or local ginger root, has been a Chamorro staple for many generations.

Where locals go to relax


Guam is blessed with perfect beach weather—temperatures average between 84 and 87 degrees Fahrenheit and water 84 degrees. Tumon Bay, a marine preserve near many major hotels, contains an abundance of marine life.

You might be surprised by...

Guam has the largest Kmart discount store in the world. It’s open 24 hours and popular with locals and tourists.

Breathtaking scenery

Der Two Lovers Point oberhalb der Tumon Bay

Two Lovers Point is on a cliff overlooking Tumon Bay and southwestern Guam. It is named after a Chamorro maiden and her Chamorro lover. A Spanish officer took a liking to the maiden, but rather than acquiescing to her parents’ desire to marry the officer, the lovers tied their hair together and jumped off the cliff to be with each other for eternity.

Must-see museum

Jeff’s Pirates Cove is a beachside snack bar and souvenir shop with a small museum containing seaborne souvenirs as well as images and artefacts of a Japanese soldier who hid in Guam’s southern jungles for more than 28 years after World War II ended.

If you want to fit in...

Join in one of the five-kilometre races held every weekend along Guam’s roads.

Favourite souvenirs

Sinahi necklaces are carved out of the base of a giant clam and decorated with seashells. They can be found at the Chamorro Village in the capitol city of Hagatña.

Shopping heaven

Guam has three major shopping malls: Micronesia Mall, Guam Premier Outlets and Agaña Shopping Center.

For your first visit...

The weekly Chamorro Village Wednesday Night Market is where locals and tourists mingle. With all kinds of foods, drinks, souvenirs, cultural performances and dancing, it is a must-see for all first-time visitors.

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