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Houston, Texas

Houston: Dynamic Attractions in a Great Texan Metropolis

By Luiza Florence

When people think of Texas, what most quickly comes to mind is state’s tradition of cowboy culture. The excitement of Houston goes well beyond that, though. Perhaps its size – it is the largest city in the state and the fourth largest in the country – influences the dynamism here and attracts big business and tourism, but the truth is that Houston is an amazing city for all. Come find out why!

The Cultural Scene: A Distinctive Range of Options

A big city is almost always synonymous with good variety of cultural options. And for tourists visiting Houston, there is something special: NASA’s Space Center Houston, the official visitor center of the most famous aerospace institution in the world. Who does not remember the famous line from the movie “Apollo 13”: "Houston, we have a problem"? Well, that famous message was communicated to this space center, still responsible for large missions.

No matter how old you are, you’ll be fascinated by all there is to see here: replicas of spaceships, the training center for astronauts, the chance to touch a moon rock billions of years old and so much more. I recommend taking the Level 9 Tour because it is the most complete.

For those who want to get to know the more rustic side of Houston, and explore the authentic cowboy traditions of the region, visit George Ranch Historical Park. On its more than 8,000 hectares, this working ranch sums up the historical heritage of Texas, imprinted in the historic houses and the activities offered such as horseback riding, agriculture, mechanical bull rides and bull roping – not to mention the authentic 1930s-era, Texas-style meals held on Saturdays.

Sports and Shopping: Houston Has It All

Fans of sports know that Houston is a city well represented: In basketball, they have the Houston Rockets; in baseball, the flag goes to the Houston Astros; and in football, the city is defended by the Houston Texans. It is worth checking their schedule to see if there is a game or other cool event during your stay. If you're lucky enough to be here in March, don’t miss the largest rodeo and cattle ranching exposition in the world!

For those who want to enjoy shopping (who doesn’t?), my tip is to visit to two places: Houston Premium Outlets, which as the name implies, is an outlet for major brands and super cool prices; and the Houston Galleria, a fantastic shopping center which also has brought together the best brands. The best is yet to come: Texas is one of the only states in the country where international shoppers are reimbursed for the taxes on every purchase. Isn’t that awesome? Just keep your receipts in order to prove your expenses. Exchange counters can be found at the Houston Interactional Airport and in some malls, including Houston Premium Outlets and the Galleria.

My last recommendation is to go out to explore the metropolitan scene of the city: Houston has beautiful parks, great theaters, incredible nightlife and unique restaurants. You can combine your trip with a cruise, enjoy the amusement parks and aquariums in the region, play golf and enjoy many more experiences that will surprise you. As I said before, this is a city without limits that offers fun for everyone!

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