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Charleston, South Carolina

Events and Entertainment in Charming Charleston

Voted by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the best destinations in North America and the top destination worldwide, Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina and also one of the friendliest. With gourmet dining, a host of cultural attractions and beautiful, historic architecture, Charleston meets every requirement for the ideal holiday destination. There are fantastic events and plenty of entertainment year round that attract visitors from all over the globe.

BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival

The annual BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival celebrates the city’s culinary surprises and traditional Southern cuisine. Many of the events take place in the Festival Culinary Village, located at Marion Square Park in the heart of downtown Charleston. There are tasting tents where you can savor local and national cuisines, as well as plenty of parties, cooking demonstrations, live entertainment and so much more.

Spoleto Festival and Piccolo Spoleto Festival

Beginning in late May and into the first part of June is the Spoleto Festival and the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. The Spoleto Festival is a nationally recognized performing arts event, encompassing presentations from established and emerging artists, including stage, opera, dance and music. Held concurrently, the Piccolo Spoleto Festival showcases local and regional artists from the visual arts, poetry, theater, dance, cultural performances, film, music, crafts and more.

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

With events and exhibitors setting up in various downtown Charleston locations, the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is a gathering of more than 500 wildlife experts and exhibitors from around the world. You’ll experience wildlife shows, demonstrations, wildlife artists, informational lectures, vendors and children’s activities. The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is the largest of its kind in the nation and takes place over President’s Day weekend in February.

Charleston Fashion Week 

Charleston, South Carolina might not be first in mind for Fashion Week, but this event is growing in popularity and scope every year. From bridal fashions to emerging designers to stylish parties, Charleston Fashion Week is an exciting event around which to plan a trip to the area, especially for those who are on the cutting edge of fashion.

Annual Fall Tours of Homes and Gardens

Charleston is a city steeped in centuries-old history, and the Annual Fall Tours of Homes and Gardens is a wonderful way to explore that history during a lovely time of year (late September and October). Self-guided tours take you through some of Charleston’s most historic and beautiful private homes, lush gardens, public buildings and other structures. Volunteer guides provide in-depth information on the historical significance of each structure on the tour.

Charleston is a city that would easily charm even the most seasoned traveler. I loved the rich culture you feel the moment you step off of the plane. Discovering the diverse events this wonderful city holds is just another reason to book your holiday here today.

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