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Spotlight: National Monument to the Forefathers

A visit to Plymouth, Massachusetts ... truly an American destination

A state park housing an 81-foot-tall granite statue, commemorating the Mayflower settlers who arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620 and featuring several allegorical figures. The monument was completed in 1888 by Boston architect, illustrator and sculptor, Hammett Billings.

Find It

The National Monument to the Forefathers, formerly called the Pilgrim Monument, is located on Allerton Street in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Getting There

New England is a beautiful place. Fly into Boston, Connecticut, Rhode Island or New York, rent a car and take a drive. From north or south, take Route 3 to Route 44 in Plymouth. Follow 44 east to the water front.

Make Sure You

Visit Plymouth Rock in Plymouth Harbor, its landscaped waterfront and the Mayflower II, a replica of the original ship, while you’re there. Together, the two historical monuments comprise Pilgrim Memorial State Park.

Try This

Take a boat up the Cape Cod Canal, the gateway to Cape Cod. Visit the Jenney Grist Mill, which was built by pilgrim John Jenney in 1636 and witness the giant water wheel grind stones, Burial Hill, the pilgrim cemetery or Sparrow House Pottery, the historic house museum and art gallery set in the mid-17th century.

Don’t Forget

Any of New England’s seasons and, if you’re not from the area, come prepared for whatever the weather will bring. Climate can be freezing, humid, balmy or crisp so watch the weather and know what to expect.

Gear Up

In the summertime, bring your sunscreen and beach stuff—Cape Cod is just around the corner. In the winter, visit one of New England’s ski mountains and bring your winter gear. Fall and spring can offer a toss-up in terms of weather, so prepare for anything. Autumn colors are among the best in the country and springtime can be lush and green.

By Christina Scannapiego

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