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Montana’s Glacier National Park

The expansive and stunning Glacier National Park is truly one of the crown jewels on Montana’s amazing outdoor landscapes. It is home to such wonders as “Going-to-the-Sun Road,” a narrow, two-lane road that crosses the park, to the vast and beautiful Saint Mary Lake and its iconic Wild Goose Island. Start your trip at the western end and drive across this national park filled with wondrous elements of nature.

Driving the Going-to-the-Sun Road

The only word to describe this 52-mile drive is “beautiful.” Along the way, you’ll see Saint Mary Lake, the park’s second largest lake. Be sure to pull over to take a picture of Wild Goose Island, which sits in the middle of the lake. As you breathe in the crystal-clear fresh air, you’ll feel absolute awe at this incredible scene. Such an exhilarating feeling!

Exploring Glacier National Park by Foot

There are seemingly endless hiking trails in Glacier National Park. You can park your car and enjoy any of these trails at any time. You never know what natural beauty you might encounter along these hikes: from the most beautiful, natural waterfall right in front of your eyes to lovely footbridges crossing bubbling creeks. The sound of the water calms your mind as you gaze upon it, perfectly reflecting the sun above. The sight is truly beyond words. It’s not hard to lose track of time here and get completely immersed in the beauty, but don’t forget to snap a few photos to remember it by.

Tour the Park via Historic Red Jammer Buses

One of the most convenient and unique ways to see the park’s landmarks is via the Historic Red Jammer Buses. These bright red buses are from 1930s, and well restored. They leave from many hotels and lodges in the park, and make stops at each landmark. The drivers, which the locals call “Jammers,” guide the tour and point out sights along the way. When the weather is nice, the canvas tops come off, and the buses become convertibles, enhancing the beautiful views. This is truly a perfect attraction for travelers.

Stay at the Historic and Quaint Lodges

When visiting Glacier National Park, why not stay here as well, surrounded by all the amazing scenery? The park makes it easy to find an option. There are numerous lodges, inns and hotels that are located in idyllic settings. From big-scale historic lodges where you can enjoy the scenic views of nature, to small cabins in the woods, the choice is yours. 

Bigfork: Glacier National Park’s Charming Gateway

Just outside the park, you’ll find the inviting town of Bigfork when you can enjoy shops, restaurants, the massive Flathead Lake and other recreation including a golf course. A charming small town with a Western feel, Bigfork truly has a lot to offer. There are plenty of local events all year round, including the popular Montana Dragon Boat Festival, a fundraising event that is held every September that attracts visitors from around the world.

Glacier National Park in Montana is a place where the greatness of nature’s creation and friendliness of the people will leave you impressed. Make sure you add it to your must-visit list! 

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