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Lexington, Massachusetts

Lexington, Massachusetts: History and Attractions

By Vic Liang

Lexington, Massachusetts, is the birthplace of the American War of Independence, and for those who love history, it will certainly be a remarkable experience. It is also considered one of the nation's top 10 affluent towns and is only a 20-minute drive from Boston. Lexington has rich historical and cultural activities, and in May each year, the month-long Revolutionary Revelry festival is a favourite.

Liberty Ride Trolley Tour

I started my journey with the award-winning Liberty Ride Trolley Tour. This classic trolley travels along the Revolutionary War and literary sites of Lexington and nearby Concord. On the trolley, the volunteer guide tells the story of each historical attraction.

One of my favourite stops on the trolley tour was the Lexington Battle Green, where the first shot of the American War of Independence was fired in 1775. Here, the 18th century buildings have stood since 1775, and a lot of the historic landscape has been preserved. You can see one of America's oldest war monuments as well as the Minute Man statue, said to be the likeness of John Parker, the commander of the Lexington Militia at the Battle of Lexington. In addition, you may see Lexington Minute Men or Her Majesty’s 10th Regiment of Foot re-interpret the scene during your visit.

Literature lovers can’t miss multiple significant sites along the route, with homes from American writers such as Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nathaniel Hawthorne. In addition to being an informative tour, the trolley happens to be a convenient way to get around. You can get on or off at any of these attractions with free re-boarding.

Excellent Educational Tradition

Next to the Battle Green, you'll see a white building established in 1893. The Lexington Normal School was the first public teaching college in the U.S and it is now Framingham State University. In 1853, the nation's first public school system was founded in Lexington. Continuing the pursuit of excellence in the fine tradition of education, Lexington’s public school district is now ranked second in Massachusetts and 19th in the United States. Lexington is also only a 15-minute drive from Harvard and MIT.

Dinning, Shopping, Music and Golf Courses

Lexington also has a rich artistic culture. In lively downtown Lexington, there are many gourmet restaurants, high-end boutiques, jewellery stores and gift shops. You can enjoy the famous Lexington Symphony Orchestra or other live music performances.

You can have some much-needed outdoor time while in Lexington. Lexington has two courses open to the public, Pine Meadows and Stone Meadow Golf, which also has a driving range. Both offer lessons by golf professionals.

If you want to understand the history of the American War of Independence and experience rich culture, arts and entertainment, be sure to tour Lexington, an extraordinary experience that will make your stay unforgettable.

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