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Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts: Dining and Nightlife Scene

By Renan Leahy

For a getaway to enjoy life without guilt, indulge in the many charms of Boston! The capital of Massachusetts is one of the most exciting cities in the United States, thanks to its numerous options to satisfy our desires for comfort, fun and great food. Everywhere where I went, I always found something different and interesting. Check it out!

The Lively Seaport District

Boston is the largest city in New England and famous for the contrast between the classic style of its buildings, its colonial and Victorian churches, and the modernity of contemporary architecture in certain neighbourhoods. One area that has been developing the most for food, fun and leisure is the Seaport District, which is also home to Boston’s Innovation District, abuzz with biotech and life sciences companies.

With new buildings popping up everywhere, and investments of entrepreneurs from various sectors, the Seaport has become the new up-and-coming spot of Boston. I lost count of how many interesting and tempting restaurants and bars I saw there, all of them full of lively people. Many of them were just starting the evening’s festivities before heading out to attend one of the amazing concerts that always attract thousands of people to the Seaport’s open amphitheatre.

Visitors to Boston can be surrounded by all of these attractions, as many waterfront hotels have been built in the Seaport District, and luxury hotels such as the Boston Harbor Hotel and the Intercontinental Boston are in close proximity.

Party at Lansdowne Street

If you really like a festive spot, you’ll have to stop by Lansdowne Street. It runs right in front of Fenway Park, one of the most famous and traditional baseball ballparks in the world and one of the most visited spots in Boston. And since Boston Red Sox fans are among the most passionate of any sport, they flock to the bars, restaurants and concert halls of Lansdowne Street whenever the team is playing. Who cares if you’re not a baseball fan? I’m not! That didn’t stop me from enjoying the incredible atmosphere.

Dining at Newbury and Boylston Streets

Your taste buds will also thank you for choosing Boston as your travel destination. You’ll find here the best of international cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs. Some of the most sought-after restaurants in town are on Boylston and Newbury streets. These trendy streets of Boston offer the charm of the sidewalk cafes and private patios as special ingredients to the experience of savouring your favourite drink or a tasty meal outdoors.

The North End: The Italian Neighbourhood

Speaking of good food in Boston, you cannot visit the city without visiting the Italian neighbourhood of the North End. It is hard to choose from among the dozens of restaurants because they all offer the most delicious dishes. Everything here is made from scratch, with homemade pasta and family recipes ensuring that you will not find the same flavour anywhere else. The North End also hosts various cultural, religious and gastronomic festivals, a perfect way to enjoy the city and celebrate like the locals.

All of this makes Boston a place like no other. Come indulge in this unforgettable vibe!

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