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Portland, Maine

Feasting on Lobster

In Maine, it’s possible to dine on lobster three times a day.

The USA has many regions famous for specific foods, perhaps none more so than Maine for its sweet, succulent lobster. The crustaceans are on menus everywhere throughout the state, from white-tablecloth restaurants to open-air seafood shacks, up and down the coast. The classic way to eat lobster is in the shell—don’t be offended if your waiter offers you a bib, because the experience can be wonderfully messy—but there are as many other lobster dishes are there are fish in the sea. You might find lobster bisque, lobster stew, lobster pot pie, lobster paired with beef (‘surf and turf’), lobster scrambled with eggs at breakfast, lobster served with pasta or, perhaps most delightfully, lobster chopped into a salad and sandwiched between a hot-dog bun (‘lobster roll’). Wherever you dine, when you see ‘MP’—which stands for ‘market price’—you’ll want to ask the cost before you commit. While lobster is cheaper in Maine than elsewhere, it can still get expensive.

If you have the urge to buy your own lobster—and the fortitude to deal with cooking a live creature—you’ll want to visit the Lobsterman’s Catch in Portland’s historic Widgery Wharf, where you can purchase direct from lobstermen. Watch those claws!

For a close-up look at the lobstering life, take one of the many lobster-boat tours available all along the Maine coast, including Lucky Catch Cruises in Portland. You’ll learn about how the fishing of the Homarus americanus (as Maine lobster is known) is highly regulated so the population never gets depleted. Because too much of a good thing is bad for both your waistline and the lobsters themselves.

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