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Naples, Florida

Golfing and the Great Outdoors in Florida’s Paradise Coast

By Heike Bachmann

If you’re ready for a dream vacation which includes white-sand beaches and breath-taking nature, all while being pampered in elegant hotels and restaurants, look no further than Florida’s Paradise Coast! Consisting of Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades, the Paradise Coast boats miles and miles of beaches, trails and waterways for you to enjoy in the Florida sunshine.

Relax on Naples’ Sunny Beaches 

I first wanted to take in the beach, which can be easily accessed straight from Naples’ historic downtown centre! I was amazed how seamlessly city and beach blended into one another as I walked down Fifth Avenue South toward the shimmering waters of the Gulf of Mexico. In a few minutes I had a picture book paradise right at my feet! Whether you like to swim, sunbathe or simply watch local fishermen wait for their catch out on the pier, Naples Beach is a divine place to relax and forget your daily worries. If you’re lucky like me, you might even see dolphins! 

A Golfer’s Paradise

Golfers will revel in the incredible selection of stunning courses offered by the "Golf Capital of the World!” Naples and Marco Island together boast over 90 top golf courses, consisting of 1620 holes stretched over 280 miles of stunning landscape. These courses offer a great variety, even among public courses. No wonder Florida’s Paradise Coast was named “The Number One Golf Destination in North America!” Many semi-private courses open up for public bookings between May and December, and golf holiday packages with privileged access are offered frequently by local resorts. 

Naples’ Backyard: The Everglades 

For an unforgettable natural experience, simply head a few miles south and the unparalleled landscape of the Everglades will stretch out right before your eyes. I recommend taking a kayak eco-tour with one of the local operators like Everglades Area Tours, so you can observe some of the amazing wildlife in its natural habitat and experience the wetlands and mangroves up close. The most popular tour is the Boat Assisted Kayak Eco Tour, which combines the best of a boat tour, a kayak tour and a walking tour all in one. 

For some added excitement, enjoy the thrill of an airboat ride led by Wooten’s through the Everglades. You’re sure to see plenty of alligators, as well as birds and other native Florida wildlife.

I had heard a lot about Naples and Florida’s Paradise Coast in the past. Having experienced it myself, I must say it surpassed my expectations in every way – a dream come true for the sophisticated traveller!

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