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Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The Great Outdoors of Glenwood Springs

by Luiza Florence

Amid one of the most famous natural formations in the world – the Rocky Mountains – Colorado is a state that invites visitors to explore year round. Surrounded by lots of nature, it has a color palette and a vibrancy as I had never seen before.

In the midst of so much natural beauty there is a real treasure: Glenwood Springs, a small town located at the junction of the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers. Now, close your eyes and imagine a piece of land in the middle of two canyons. This is the landscape of Glenwood Springs.

Easy to Get To

You’d think that a destination like Glenwood Springs – a treasure amid canyons – would be hard to get to. Not so. You can fly into either the Denver International Airport or a smaller regional one, Eagle County Airport, which makes it easy to reach this beautiful vacation destination.

The World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs Pool

Remember when I told you to close your eyes and imagine Glenwood Springs? Add the largest mineral hot springs pool in the WORLD to this image! It will astound you, and it is easily the biggest attraction of the city.

No wonder so many people go there! The hot springs are famous for their medicinal and rejuvenating properties – a few minutes immersed in the water and you already feel the difference in your body, which relaxes in a way that is difficult to explain. Because I visited in winter, I thought I would feel cold. But, I didn’t at all; the water temperature rarely varies from its average temperature of 32 degrees Celsius.

Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves

Glenwood Springs is full of natural wonders beyond the rejuvenating hot springs. The Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves are natural wonders that left me speechless. Once used by the native Ute Indians for rituals and healing, these vapor caves are just a few that are known in all of North America. I was very relieved that there were spigots for cool water because it is hot down there – 43 degrees Celsius, in fact! The vapors are said to be high in sulfate, nitrate, zinc and potassium.

Glenwood Canyon Resort

Another wonderful place to experience the outdoors is Glenwood Canyon Resort on the Colorado River. Here, you can enjoy local adventures like zip lining and rafting, activities for nature lovers. And for those who want to extend their tour, Bair Ranch is good for horseback riding and ATV tours.

Glenwood Springs was such a great surprise of outdoor adventures and experiences. I loved the history and connection to nature that I felt here and highly recommend this beautiful place!

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