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Denver, Colorado

Organic Food and Amazing Shopping in Denver, Colorado

by Luiza Florence

There’s nothing better than knowing that the place you are traveling to has fun stuff to do! Rain or shine, hot or cold, it’s important to have activities that fill your days with new and exciting things. With that in mind, my travel destination was Denver, Colorado, which has activities for visitors all year long.

As the largest city in Colorado, Denver features a first-class infrastructure, as well as lots of beautiful scenery amid the Rocky Mountains. The exciting urban scene is buzzing with non-stop events. Visit landmarks, go sightseeing, and ­– my favorite ­– enjoy the outstanding shopping and dining.

Dining in Denver

Denver is a health-conscious city. Many restaurants advertise farm-to-table and organic ingredients. For a true Denver dining experience, try The Fort. This adobe “castle” has been serving its famous fare since the 1960s. The menu features food inspired by the area’s historical characters: pioneers, Native American Indians, mountain men, as well as Mexican and Spanish immigrants. Buffalo, elk, and quail are staples here. In fact, The Fort serves more than 80,000 buffalo entrees every year.

Beers, Breweries and Nightlife in Denver

I truly found Denver’s identity in the local craft breweries and spirits, such as Stranahan's Colorado Whisky, famous worldwide. Savoring it at the distillery itself and witnessing it being made and bottled is a unique experience to be enjoyed by all visitors to the city.

This tradition of locally made beverages directly influences the lifestyle and western spirit of the city. In fact, local beer is a big deal in Denver. Don’t pass up a Denver microbrewed beer when it’s on tap.

Denver is also a place with a lively culture and a happening nightlife. A young crowd frequents the bars, bistros and restaurants located throughout the city, especially downtown in Larimer Square, Lower Downtown and the 16th Street Mall. Everything is very charming, with many red brick buildings, making this part of the city a special place to wrap up your day.

Diverse Shopping Options

As Denver gets many visitors, there are diverse shopping centers offering everything from top brands and designers to unique districts with local boutiques and galleries.

Cherry Creek Shopping Center has 160-plus chic stores including Tiffany & Co., Apple, Coach, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and other high-end retailers. Across the street is Cherry Creek North, a walkable, tree-lined shopping district full of cafes, boutiques, galleries and more. This is a great way to spend an afternoon, seeking out unique souvenirs and breathing the fresh mountain air. Wear comfortable shoes for this outing – you’ll be on your feet!

Plan your trip to Denver and get ready for an unforgettable shopping and dining experience!

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