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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Spa and Shopping at The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs

By Hitomi Farrell

As I arrived at the gate, I looked up, and there it was: The Broadmoor Hotel, the most luxurious resort of Colorado Springs. You will be completely overwhelmed by this classic beauty’s exceptional luxury which dates back to 1918. Don’t be mistaken – The Broadmoor is not a quaint hotel by any means. This resort is not only a five-star accommodation, but it offers an unrivaled spa and shopping experience available right on the resort grounds.

The Broadmoor Resort: Your First Look

The Broadmoor has a number of separate hotel buildings surrounding the sparkling Cheyenne Lake, with tennis courts and golf courses and never ending green, all nestled in the shadow of the stunning mountain scenery. High-profile figures such as U.S. presidents and movie stars continuously stay here. As I walked on the bridge across the lake, I felt very grateful to be able to enjoy such views of the gorgeous hotel amid the surrounding Rocky Mountains.

Broadmoor's Spa

Ready to get pampered, I made an appointment and headed over to the resort’s spa. The spa’s front area is spacious and absolutely elegant. As I changed into my robe, a staff member walked me through the spa and explained about each room. “You can be wherever you would like. We’ll come find you,” she said. I discovered an aromatherapy room, sauna, fireplace room, relaxation room with a gorgeous view of the golf courses… I wanted to be everywhere at once. Each room had delicately arranged fruit and herb teas which made me feel absolutely relaxed. After my massage treatment, my body was completely healed and feeling rejuvenated. I laid down in the fireplace room and the next moment I was out – I had fallen asleep! That’s how relaxed my mind and body were.

Shopping at The Broadmoor

You can also enjoy a care-free, unparalleled shopping experience without stepping outside The Broadmoor. With 25 shops and boutiques with a variety offerings, there’s no need to leave the resort to find a new outfit or a unique gift. From unique hand-crafted gifts, American antiques and artwork to designer brands such as Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Michael Kors and more, it’s all here. You’ll also find some adorable stores – there’s a children’s clothing boutique, a toy store and a pet boutique.

You’ll certainly end up loving the resort as much as I did, so it’s nice to know that there is The Broadmoor e-store that offers signature hotel products such as the luxurious bedding, spa products, golf accessories, even decadent chocolate and coffee gift baskets.

The Broadmoor’s goal is to provide each guest with the fullest satisfaction, and I certainly experienced that. When I checked out, I actually felt sad. I wished I could remain at such a wonderful place like this for good. It still brings me a dreamy smile when I think about my stay at The Broadmoor.

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