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Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado: Four Seasons of Fun

By Vange Tapia

It’s always exciting to visit a place that can offer you incredible experiences no matter the time of year, but not all destinations fit this description. The U.S. state of Colorado does, and its famous towns of Aspen and Snowmass are no exception. For instance, during summer, mountain biking, hiking and hot air ballooning make this a wonderful place to be, while in the winter, snow sports rule the slopes.

This resort area is conveniently located less than 15 minutes from the Aspen/Pitkin Airport. The memorable mountain views you’ll enjoy during landing are just the start of a great holiday in Aspen/Snowmass.

Ski in Winter, Hike and Bike in Summer

I had visited Aspen years ago in summertime. Picturesque mountains beckoned me to hike and mountain bike. During the summer, everyone is outside enjoying festivals, gorgeous weather and warm sun. I will never forget watching hot air balloons lift up into the clouds. This time, I visited in winter; it was like a different world but equally as enjoyable. The first thing I did upon arriving at the small Aspen/Snowmass airport was to plunge into a fluffy pile of snow. Aspen/Snowmass has some of the best ski resorts and certainly the best quality of snow for winter sports. I spent my next few vacation days enjoying ski lessons in Snowmass & Aspen with the wonderful instructors from Aspen Skiing Company.

Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 

I also had an urge to learn more about the local environment, so I visited Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, which has sites that are interesting to visit no matter the season. For example, you might try snowshoe tours every day during the winter on top of Aspen Mountain. As I stepped inside, a friendly staff member greeted me and kindly started to educate me about the local forests and wildlife. Suddenly, another staff member entered with a 12-pound hawk on his forearm! Looking into those staring, sharp eyes, I grew cowardly, since I had never seen a wild hawk in person before, but it was a special experience.

Downtown Aspen

I recently read that Condé Nast Traveler magazine referred to Aspen as "The Home of Awesome." And it’s true – this beautiful place has the charm of a small town but the shops, hotels, restaurants and cosmopolitan nightlife of a big city. There are more than 100 shops, bars and restaurants.

Downtown Aspen, at the base of the mountains, is a beautiful place to explore; you’ll find high-end brand name stores, diverse restaurants and art galleries including the visually stunning Aspen Art Museum.

Aspen truly is a place where the body, mind and the spirit can flourish – no matter when you visit! You definitely have to visit Aspen/Snowmass and experience it for yourself!

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