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San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California: Top Landmarks and Neighborhoods

By Luiza Florence

San Francisco is one of those cities that does not need much introduction – or better yet, it may need many.

Known worldwide for its quality of life, San Fran, as it is affectionately called, has its own signature in world-famous California. There are many landmarks all over the city, which has a versatility that few other cities can claim. Where else will you find the center of one of the greatest technological districts on the planet and also one of the most environmentally friendly as well? And among those extremes, visitors find a never-ending metropolis of things to do. San Franscisco is constantly evolving, but it is as charming and delightful as ever.

Must-visit Landmarks

For those who seek architecture (like me), San Francisco is full of options! The Golden Gate Bridge, the famous suspension bridge that divides San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, is the great symbol of the city and is considered one of the wonders of the modern world. To traverse it – via car or bicycle – is surely a must when you visit. Another famous bridge is the Bay Bridge, connecting downtown San Francisco with Oakland. The Bay Lights spanning the length of the bridge offer one of the most beautiful sights in the city at night, especially when view from the Embarcadero, the eastern portion of the waterfront.

Other well-known places that add to San Francisco’s legend include Alcatraz, the former federal prison in the middle of the Bay where Al Capone was imprisoned; Fisherman's Wharf, the waterfront area with numerous attractions and restaurants; Coit Tower, the famous concrete tower on top of Telegrah Hill offering a 360-degree view; the Transamerica Pyramid, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world; the iconic and winding hillside Lombard Street lined with flower gardens, and much, much more. Even better is to see all this while riding from point to point on the cable cars!

The Neighborhoods of San Francisco - for all tastes

You can also get to know San Francisco through exploring its diverse neighborhoods. Charming, modern, historical, ethnic, commercial... it has it all. One of my favorites is the Mission District, which is San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood and known for once being the stronghold of the Spanish missionaries. Charming and full of restaurants, bars and vintage shops, the Mission is always dictating trends. While there,  you have to stop by Balmy Alley – an alley completely covered in murals that immortalize the traditions and history of San Francisco. It's beautiful!

Another neighborhood that’s really buzzing is Union Square – a concentration of the largest and most famous stores and brands in the world. If your intention is to shop while also having access to sophisticated restaurants, this piece of the city is where you’ve got to go. San Francisco is always featured in the best travel guides for its five-star restaurants serving the best cuisines and wines in the world. And don’t forget that San Francisco is very close to Napa Valley, the premier California wine region.

San Francisco is a city of countless options. There are so many things – sights, museums, art galleries, restaurants and tours – that planning it all ahead of time is essential. And every time we come back, there is something different, because this city is truly never the same, but always San Francisco!

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