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San Diego, California

San Diego, California: Sunny Vacation in the Great Outdoors

By Hitomi Farrell

The southernmost city of California where the sun is always shining – that’s San Diego. Thanks to its year-round warm weather, people here are outdoorsy, active and, indeed, cheerful. I started my day, excited to go out in the sun and enjoy much of what San Diego has to offer.

Golfing by the Coast

There are 93 golf courses in San Diego, and the year-round warm climate makes it a dream come true to play golf here throughout the year. This time, I decided to visit Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla, which is open to the public. When I got there, I couldn’t help but stand still for a while in awe. What was right in front of my eyes was a gorgeous panoramic view of the vivid green of the golf courses in beautiful contrast to the Pacific Ocean. It was a joy-filled day playing golf and feeling the nice sea breeze on one of the most popular golf courses on the PGA Tour.

Food That’s Fresh from the Farm

In this health-conscious city, you won’t have a hard time finding good food. Farmers markets offering fresh organic food and delicious sweets are some of my favorite events. There are farmer’s markets occurring every day in different neighborhoods throughout San Diego, so I visited the farmers market that happens every Saturday in Little Italy.

Amongst the many vendors that filled the Little Italy Mercato, a seafood vendor first caught my eye when I spied the freshly caught sea urchins in black spiny shells in a bin filled with water on the table. Intrigued, I rushed to order one. It was the freshest sea urchin I’ve ever tasted – absolutely exquisite. This was for sure nothing like what you get at a rotating sushi place! But it’s not just farmers markets where I enjoyed San Diego’s amazing culinary scene. There are many local restaurants where you can enjoy a variety of international cuisines prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients throughout San Diego.

Exploring the Southern California Coastal Waters

Southern California is known for its palm trees and beaches. There is no real “winter” here, so you can enjoy the lovely beaches all year round. As a beach lover, I couldn’t wait to get out to see the ocean. With a tour guide from an ocean sports company called Everyday California, I went kayaking in La Jolla Cove in the beautiful oceanfront community of La Jolla. According to our guide, the floor of the cove is covered with rocks, kelp beds and canyons that attract marine life, which is why this spot is very popular among divers and snorkelers. Above the cove, you can see the village of La Jolla and the many beautiful homes that dot the hillside. Surrounded by beautiful blue sky and ocean, I could fully enjoy kayaking in San Diego.

My last night in San Diego, I got to check out a rooftop bar called Altitude Sky Lounge in downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter which bustles with numerous bars, nightclubs and restaurants. With a delicious cocktail in hand, I enjoyed such a fun night. Outdoor fun, vibrant neighborhoods, fresh food and nightlife – San Diego has it all!

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